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From hair care to heart care, get the care and the results you deserve


Our time together is infused with love to hold energy of healing. Create a sense of Focus and Peace of Mind as you experience a Deep Luxurious Scalp, Ear and Neck Massage. Transformative Energy work removes stressors away from the hair and scalp allowing you to go deeper with your inner work while experiencing the health benefits Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Integrating Sacred Plant Medicines and Practices with Aloha, Love and Respect, opens up your Chakra System to receive an Intuitive Reading through Intercessory Prayer and Prophetic Channeling. 

These sessions will give you a deep sense of Clarity and Confirmation by removing all pollution from your Crown to your Root creating space for Deep Healing.


A safe space to support your process

Cacao Prayer

To bring wholeness, unity, and connection

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna

Spark your brain’s happiness chemicals

Deep Conditioning Experience

Remove stressors from your body

What to Expect

Ceara will cleanse the room with Palo Santo, Sacred Wood, to purify each individual and welcome in new energy. As you ease into the chair with your Cup of Cacao, we’ll begin your experience with a guided Breathwork Meditation.

When you align Mind, Body, and Spirit; information flows freely for me to assist you in Releasing blockages and Renewing Integrity with Aloha. Resulting in Love and Respect for Oneself, for your Ohana (Family & Community), Love and Respect for the Plants. Take Care of it and it will take care of you!

When you’re ready to relax and need some TLC, Tender Love & Ceara time, for both your hair and heart, all of the above and below sessions are available to you!

Full-Service Salon

All the hair healing sessions you’ve come to rely on over the years are still available


Extensions and other specialty sessions are now available on all days that the salon is open

Bridal Packages

Ceara is here to help you feel beautiful inside and out with on your Big Day

New Clients

Whether it’s hair healing, heart healing, or both, we will work together to create a plan just for you

Upcoming Event

Find support and healing through community

We hold regular events throughout the month to further your healing by way of providing you a community and support system of likeminded individuals.

No event found!

How to Book

We have transitioned to a time-based booking system which allows you to book for the amount of time you need with Ceara to address anything and everything you need be it one session or several.

Visit the Packages page to view available booking and pricing options or click “Book Now” if you know which package you need.

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