We are committed to a health and safety standard that prohibits the use of more than 1,800 toxic chemicals that disrupt our health leaving us with specific issues like cancer, hormone disruption and developmental toxicity. We redefine success in business by meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility, accountability and transparency.

We consider people, planet and profit equally.

Together we can make beauty BETTER!

I want to prepare myself, this year, for next year. I wish to be effective this year and find ways to be better. 

How can my ideas be more powerful? How can they be sharper and more clear? 

How can I reach some people next year that perhaps I can't reach this year?

I want to reach deep into my own soul to affect people. 

How can we connect stronger, deeper and more powerful?

2020 I want to be well equipped by language, instinct, temperament, personality, and influence to really be valuable year after year. Thats my goal, I'm sure its yours.

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