Go deeper with your inner work while experiencing the health benefits of cacao.

What is Cacao?

Central American Ceremonial Cacao is the entire Cacao bean, ground into a paste. This includes the cacao butter, as a healthy fat (which is removed from cacao powder)

The name "Cacao" is grown with one purpose from inception, infused with love, to hold energy of healing, creativity, and focus. By maintaining the integrity of the plant, keeping all part together, all the benefits are consumed. 

The benefits of Cacao..

It's a powerful tool to create Transformation in your life.

 In one cup of Cacao you can:

  • gain perspective of your life

  • heal something within you

  • receive new insights 

  • expand and grow

  • shift and change 

Antioxidants are responsible for 10% of the weight of raw Cacao,

containing far more:

  • Magnesium protects the Nervous System

  • Iron lowers insulin resistance 

  • Potassium prevents against cardiovascular disease 

  • Calcium shields nerve cells from damage

  • Zinc & Copper reduces blood pressure and risk of stroke

  • Manganese & Resveratrol  boost mood & sense of well-being


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