Higher Dose
Deep Conditioning Experience


The Higher Dose Sauna Experience sparks our brain’s happiness chemicals! One of these chemicals is called oxytocin. It pulls at our empathic heart strings causing us to feel connected to one another and create dependable, emotional bonds. By tuning into our sympathetic, trusting selves, it makes us more supportive and open to emotional communication and long lasting self love! 


Ceara’s infrared sauna blanket increases the body’s thermal energy and promotes a temporary increase in blood flow. As you relax into the soothing, yet stimulating heat, infrared also provides an uplifting sensation. Resulting in a healthy, rejuvenating experience that leaves you feeling euphoric. You’ll experience glowing skin, relaxation, less pain, better recovery, boost mood to recharge, reground, and rebalance.


Ceara’s blanket includes layers of detox charcoal, Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals, and heat balancing clay which generate negative ions; low EMF infrared heat; and non-toxic premium fabrics. 


These Treatments will give you a deep sense of Clarity and Confirmation by removing all pollution from your Crown to your Root creating space for Deep Healing.

What to expect


Ceara will cleanse the room with Palo Santo, Sacred Wood, to purify each individual and welcome in new energy. As you ease into the chair with your Cup of Cacao, we’ll begin your experience with a luxurious scalp, ear, and neck massage while being guided through Breathwork.

This is for anyone who needs a clear connection and optimal benefits to combat seasonal depression for your heart and mind as well as dry brittleness from the winter on your hair.

When you’re ready to relax and need some TLC, Tender Love & Ceara time, for both your hair and heart, the following Treatments are great options to choose from:


CROWN - Purity

Detoxifying and anti-oxidant mask for scalp and hair stressed by environmental factors. It eliminates impurities caused by heavy metals for a purifying routine.




Invigorating mask that gives energy to your spirit and volume to dull hair and restores tone and hydration to the scalp. Ideal recovery treatment after stressful situations or exposure to extreme atmospheric conditions.


THROAT - Quick Fix


Regenerating mask with immediate action. In minutes it untangles self limiting beliefs and attachments making it soft, easy, and workable to realign perfect love when in a hurry. 


HEART - Spotlight


Mask for Extra Shine. It gives the hair and heart a boost of shine and enhances color and vibrancy to glow like never before!




Invisible mask for those who want to take care of themselves while carrying out other activities. It gives body and elasticity protecting hair from mechanical breakage, such as friction with hair clips and elastics.


SACRAL - Let It Go


Relaxing scalp and hair mask. A true wellbeing experience of softness, hydration, and comfort for ones needing a break.


ROOT - Renaissance


Repairing mask that gives new life to very damaged hair and spirits. It restores a healthy look and feel giving nourishment and softness. Perfect for people who need grounding. 

How to Book

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