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Sacred Self Care

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Transform Yourself from the inside out AND outside in with Grace and Ease,
so You can Create the Life of Your Dreams

Enjoy me as I make my final transition 

from Practitioner to Instructor  


What I practice with plants and essential nutrients in my self, hair and skin care, along with exposure to breath, heat, light, cold and sound therapy in 7 years of Global Continuing Education you will receive In my 7 week journey through Sacred Self Care

Personalized Beauty Treatments 

Experience weekly one on one Christ Conscious Coaching with me as your guide, so that you know exactly what your soul needs to do next to manifest the life of your dreams and how to:

*Rebuild your mind, your body and your spirit with sustainable beauty, clean products & non traditional + holistic approaches to healing in my new private practice called;

“Sacred Self Care.”


Sacred Self Care is an intense coaching and holistic healing private course that will help you step into the best version of your current self and create a whole new life; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically!

In my 7 week journey through Sacred Self Care,

each session we will...


Begin with a Cacao ceremony, so that you can open your heart and discover your most authentic self:


CROWN - Purity

As a woman you are coded for power, and the journey to realizing the fullness and beauty of that power – your Wild Power – lies in the rhythm and change of your menstrual cycle. 

Discover Unprecedented insight into the feminine body and on using its natural rhythms to heal, find balance and reconnect to your emotions.




Love your Body as we lay the foundation to sustainable transformation through nourishment and the spiritual aspect of food to help you live a plentiful and vibrant existence with Personalized Sound Therapy, so that you relieve stress and restore harmony in your mind + body.


THROAT - Quick Fix


Experience personalized one on one Breathwork to heighten oxygen levels to reduce stress responses which ultimately will lead to more resilience towards everyday stress, mentally and physiologically to feel more in control.


HEART - Spotlight


Enjoy a Spirit led beauty treatment like a Rose Quartz Crystal facial or Deep Conditioning Treatment, including massage and aroma therapy, so that you expand your heart energy, learn to trust + love yourself more. 




Enjoy a Rose Mineral Boost, so that you improve skin conditionings and mood to help with depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Healing Radiance Serums are chosen just for you, so that your mind and body receive all the healing support you need.  


SACRAL - Let It Go


Clean your gut of unhealthy toxins and bacterias; nourish and give your body what it needs to heal as an integral part of your health and wellbeing by receiving the divine gift that fruits and vegetables are.


ROOT - Renaissance


Enjoy Infrared Sauna Heat Therapy, so that you have glowing skin, relaxation, less pain, better recovery, a boosted mood to recharge, reground, and Soak in LED Chromotherapy Light therapy, so that you restore balance and ignite healing with light energy for stress release and harmony in the mind + body.

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Do you ever get that feeling that you’re being pulled into a million directions until you feel like you’ve lost your center, your essence, and your being?

Do you keep giving and doing until you feel drained, emptied, and you can’t recognize yourself anymore? 


Have you ever wished you had a "YOU" in your life to show up for you the same way you show up for others?


Welcome to Sacred Self Care!

I assist in teaching you how to manage YOUR STRESS so you can manage your most valuable resources God gave us;

Time and Money. Heart disease, caused by stress, is the leading cause of death for women in the United States effecting 1 in every 5 female deaths. Just 2 cups of Pure Ceremonial Cacao, per day, can reduce cardiovascular disease by 39%. I am going to help you learn how to take care of your heart, shift your mind, and honor your spiritual gifts and calling on your life so you can step into the best possible version of you with conviction and authority, so that you really can be there for those that need you when the time comes.

When you are operating at a high level of Integrity there's nothing you can't achieve, especially throughout every phase of your monthly cycle. You have your resources prioritized and aligned to where everything operates objectively.


You recognize that you are a curious student in this season of life and that, allows everything you learn during this time to be an entirely perfect recipe to unlock Your Wild Power and the fundamental agreements and boundaries you are making with your

 Health, Love, Time, and Money.


When you can view your relationships and how you function within each realm, without judgment, you give yourself time and space for self-reflection, which in turn increases your self-awareness. The more self- realizations you make time and space for creates a healthy habit of Self-Care for yourself in order to sustain Integrity and continue to show up for yourself, feeling like your best self, like you do for everyone else in your life. Better managing you, allows you to better manage your time and money to:

Lose those 10 lbs 

Become debt free 

Promote yourself

Take that Vacation

Ask for what you want!

Receive what you most need!

Adjust Priorities!

Have what you desire!

After your 7 week journey, you can feel like a New EMPOWERED Woman, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically!

You can unlock yourself and be transformed from the inside out AND the outside in!

You will feel like the best version of yourself, you will reclaim your inner power and self love, PLUS, you will finally show up for yourself and in your life with PASSION and PURPOSE, so that you can manifest the life of your dreams!


It’s time to LOVE yourself enough to put yourself first!

If You answered YES to any one of these questions; Sacred Self Care is for you.

We can jump on a quick call to answer any questions you have.

To have me call you directly, book a free 30 minute discovery call and lets get started!


Here's what others had to say about their

Sacred Self Care Journey


“She’s done it again! Love love how my hair looks! Thank you Ceara for working your magic, the wonderful conversation and cacao sessions.

This was the year where all my hard work started to show and pay off! I am the healthiest, strongest, and happiest I’ve ever been and I’m just getting started! I am working the job of my dreams, I’ve lost 121 lbs, I have a strong circle of friends in my life, my relationship with my daughter has never been stronger, I can finally dance again and next month I’m going to Hawaii. Yet again Ceara, you’ve outdone yourself! Best experience by far! Thank you for your beautiful light & guidance on my journey.”


"This was just what my heart needed! My hair turned out stunning! My soul is feeling free! I feel triumphant! Definitely more than just hair!"

"I left feeling like a ton of heavy bricks and an emotional fog was lifted from me.  I can’t quite describe it but it felt like all the sadness and stress I’ve been feeling lately even sinus congestion melted away by laying in the crystal infused bed with Ceara’s meditation and intuitive guidance. It literally feels like a fog was lifted, body aches melted away and the congestion I’ve been dealing with and stress went away but the best part is my head feels so clear; for the first time I have no thoughts or worries! I imagine it must be how men feel most all the time. 😉 as soon as I got home, even my daughter noticed; she said I’m acting so different and seem so happy!"

"Every single time I get on a call with Ceara I leave feeling so much happier and positive! She has such a beautiful spirit and so easy to talk to! I am so thankful to have her in my life and I look forward to our next meeting!"

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If You're a Mother, Health Care Professional, Business Professional, or Teacher, 

this is designed just for YOU!

To have me call you directly, book a free 30 minute discovery call and lets get started!

It’s time to move onto that next phase of 

Sacred Self Care

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