The New Experience


Our time together is infused with love to hold energy of healing. Create a sense of Focus and Peace of Mind as you experience a Deep Luxurious Scalp, Ear and Neck Massage. Transformative Energy work removes stressors away from the hair and scalp allowing you to go deeper with your inner work while experiencing the health benefits Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Integrating Sacred Plant Medicines and Practices with Aloha, Love and Respect, opens up your Chakra System to receive an Intuitive Reading through Intercessory Prayer and Prophetic Channeling. 

Our Sessions will give you a deep sense of Clarity and Confirmation by removing all pollution from your Crown to your Root creating space for Deep Healing.


What to expect


Ceara will cleanse the room with Palo Santo, Sacred Wood, to purify each individual and welcome in new energy. As you ease into the chair with your Cup of Cacao, we’ll begin your experience with a guided Breathwork Meditation.

When you align Mind, Body, and Spirit; information flows freely for me to assist you in Releasing blockages and Renewing Integrity with Aloha. Resulting in Love and Respect for Oneself, for your Ohana (Family & Community), Love and Respect for the Plants. Take Care of it and it will take care of you!

When you’re ready to relax and need some TLC, Tender Love & Ceara time, for both your hair and heart, the following sessions are great options to choose from:


CROWN - Purity

Detoxifying and anti-oxidant mask for scalp and hair stressed by environmental factors. It eliminates impurities caused by heavy metals for a purifying routine.




Invigorating mask that gives energy to your spirit and volume to dull hair and restores tone and hydration to the scalp. Ideal recovery treatment after stressful situations or exposure to extreme atmospheric conditions.


THROAT - Quick Fix


Regenerating mask with immediate action. In minutes it untangles self limiting beliefs and attachments making it soft, easy, and workable to realign perfect love when in a hurry. 


HEART - Spotlight


Mask for Extra Shine. It gives the hair and heart a boost of shine and enhances color and vibrancy to glow like never before!




Invisible mask for those who want to take care of themselves while carrying out other activities. It gives body and elasticity protecting hair from mechanical breakage, such as friction with hair clips and elastics.


SACRAL - Let It Go


Relaxing scalp and hair mask. A true wellbeing experience of softness, hydration, and comfort for ones needing a break.


ROOT - Renaissance


Repairing mask that gives new life to very damaged hair and spirits. It restores a healthy look and feel giving nourishment and softness. Perfect for people who need grounding. 

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Available in 2 easy payments

         30-minute session $75

         90-minute session $222

  1-hour session $150

   2-hour session $300

   3-hour session $444

4-6-hour session $888

6-8-hour session $1111

Up to 30 minute Sessions

  • Haircut

  • Shampoo + Blowout

  • Great Lengths Extension Consult

  • Deep Conditioning Treatment

  • Essential Oil Scalp Massage

  • Intuitive Reading

  • Breathwork

  • Meditation

  • Higher Dose Sauna

  • Cacao Prayer

  • Extra Time for Extra Long/Thick Hair

1 hour+ Sessions

1hr -      Integration     

1hr -      Haircut + Shampoo + Blowout 

1.5hr –   Root Touch-Ups

1.5hr –   Private Cacao Ceremony 

2hr –     All over color

2hr –     Highlights

3hr –     Balayage

3hr –     Cut + Color

3hr –     Group Cacao Ceremony 

4-6hr – Great Lengths Extensions

4-6hr – Color Correction/VIVIDS

6-8hr – Anything + Everything


30 minutes   Maintenance

90 minutes Foundation*

1 hour            Welcome

2 hour            Building 

3 hours –         Improvements

4-6 hours      Full Day

6-8 hours      Transformation

*Foundation is recommended for all New Clients' first visit.


Foundation Package


Not sure where to start or what you need?

Start Here!

Allow me to work with you to connect, cleanse, clear, and adjust your needs for the season and the reason you're here right now and how best to receive optimal results and healing from hair to heart. Get the time you deserve and the proper results you're looking for Mind, Body, and Spirit.

90 minutes = 2 easy payments of $111