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Unique extension hair styles for unique personalities

Great Lengths Extensions

Ethical Sourcing

The ethical sourcing of hair is fundamental to the Great Lengths philosophy. One of the key decisions taken by Great lengths is to only source hair from voluntary donations deriving from religious practices. Great Lengths selects the very best human hair from different Indian Hindu Temples. The hair has been donated willingly to the temple as an act of devotion. The key advantage to the community is that the revenue generated by the sale of Temple Hair is used for social benefit. Every strand has been donated willingly and with full consent. Each person that chooses to donate their hair has been treated with respect and care.

Meaning that can be completely customized as the client wishes.





100+ colors and endless color

combinations including fantasy colors:

  • Pastels, accent & jewel tones

  • Mother of Pearl

  • Swarovski Strands

  • Ombré

  • Bronde and Rooted


  • Classic- natural body

  • Beach wave

  • Custom Created Curl patterns 



Ranges in price $150- $1500+ due to desired:

  • Length

  • Density

  • Texture

  • Color combination

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