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Step out of your Ceremony, Reading, Teaching, or Energy work and Step into Integration. Ceara holds a safe space to help support you process and digest your experience. The act of Integration is allowing yourself to really feel the rising new life, without impulsively acting on it all at once. The task is to contain this rising charge enough that you feel stable in it. To bring enough safety and containment while still letting yourself grow. Let yourself soften into this interactive and transformative experience of realizations.

Wellness Workshop

11:11am for 111 minutes

It it Ceara’s desire that you might be able to gain knowledge and support from others in the community experiencing similarities. Simply hearing how others are receiving insights and healings can be transformative. Join the Community Wellness Workshop every First Saturdays or

add on an Integration session for personal connection.


Wellness Workshops are held First Saturdays



Private Integrations can be booked below

How to book

 Select "Cacao & Wellness Education"

to Book your 55minute Integration session 

2 easy payments of $55

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