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Grow With Me

Ceara Layne Creations is a sacred community dedicated to the healing, growth,

and expansion of oneself.

By joining our Community you will receive...

  • A sacred community, dedicated to supporting your awakening

  • Clarity from microdosing Vine Only Ayahuasca. Additional potential benefits: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing; increased intuition; improved vision; Hunger suppression; relief of depression/anxiety

  • Heart opening and energetic expansion through Cacao (optional)

  • Physical, mental and emotional support through the use of Esstential Oils as sacred medicines


Which class is for you?


*******************Paragraph about this here

Fridays @ 10am


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Fridays @ 11:30am


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Fridays @ 1pm


*******************Paragraph about this here

Fridays @ 2:30pm

Your Membership Includes...

  • Access to vine-only Ayahuasca (no DMT, legal in the US), Ceremonial Cacao, Essential Oils, and other sacred plant medicines, used to facilitate your healing, growth and expansion

  • Knowledge and energetic attunements to the energy of essential oils - two studied each month

  • ​A private, safe, and sacred online community - monitored for its integrity and energetic support of all its members

  • ​Access to certifications and courses of various healing modalities provided by Awake Healer.* Available to those who become members before December 31st, 2020, for the duration of their active membership

  • ​The option to participate in a research study about microdosing vine-only Ayahuasca*

*The Ceara Layne Creations team is partnered with Awake Healer to provide sacred plant medicines, education, and support to our communities

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