Specialty Services

Great Lengths Extensions

Schedule a consultation to determines all factors, including time and cost to achieve your desired look


Change your look from a natural to a vivid vibrant fantasy color!

Color Changes/Correction

Change your look or correct your hair from an unwanted/unnatural color to a natural one.

Boudoir/ Bridal

Boudoir hair and makeup is typically pre or post bridal pictures taken to empower the woman by creating the ultimate self-love & body- love experience. Every woman deserves to feel confident and sexy in her own skin.

Every day is a specialty day

Now that we have shifted to a time-based booking system, specialties are no longer restricted to Saturdays. Now every day is a specialty day!

Instead of booking the specific services you need, you can now reserve the amount of time you need to get the results you’re looking for on any day the salon is open.

This means that any and all needs—hair care and heart care—can be addressed in one appointment so long as you book the amount of time for them.

Click the “Packages” button to find a time package fits all your needs

How to Book

We have transitioned to a time-based booking system which allows you to book for the amount of time you need with Ceara to address anything and everything you need be it one session or several.

Visit the Packages page to view available booking and pricing options or click “Book Now” if you know which package you need.

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